How to Care for Timberland Boots?
Oct 28, 2014-USA- is a supplier of boots for men and women. The product line is known for both quality and fashion. When you purchase a pair of Timberland boots, you will spend at least $100, as of the time of publication. When you spend this kind of money, you obviously want the boots to last. Taking care of your Timberland boots is relatively simple and can extend the life of the shoes.

Break your boots in slowly. If possible, purchase two pairs and alternate the days you wear them. This breaking-in process will result in both pairs lasting longer. If you are unable to purchase two pairs, alternate between your old pair of boots and your new Timberland boots. Rotate the boots for about a dozen wears.
Dry off the Timberland boots after wearing them. Rub them with a rag, ensuring that the exterior and interior are free from moisture caused by the elements and sweat.Huge savings, latest styles Free delivery on orders over ¡ê50
Wipe the boots with a damp rag to clean them. Do not use any soap or cleaning agent on the boots; it may ruin the material or discolor the boot.
Shove newspaper into the toes of the boots each time you take them off. This will help them maintain their form and, as a result, be more comfortable for a longer period of time.
Replace laces on a regular basis. If you wear the boots each day, replace the laces every other month. Worn laces are not strong enough to hold the boot together, letting extra moisture into the boot. The boot’s form will be compromised with worn laces.

Clean and polish the boots with the Timberland products that are prescribed for the particular boot. Timberland offers a variety of cleaning and polishing products that are designed specifically for their footwear. Consult the Timberland product site (see Resources) to find the products available for your boots.
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