Heat insulation aluminum profile doors and windows of the new technical characteristics and advantages
Oct 26, 2014-China-The principle of heat insulation aluminum profile doors and Windows in the midst article heat insulation aluminum, aluminum disconnect the formation, effectively prevent the quantity of heat conduction. Heat insulation aluminum profile owns the thermal conductivity of door window insulation aluminum alloy profile doors and Windows 40 ~ 70% lower.
Heat insulation aluminum alloy doors and Windows of the new technical characteristics:
Application heat insulation aluminum profile. Use rolling way inside and outside and heat insulation aluminum alloy article combined together.
With hollow glass, improve the heat preservation performance and sound insulation effect.
The independent seal structure, push-pull window is used double strip double over the tops of four sealing structure; Casement Windows and use and pressure principle, using a hard seal and two words soft seal three seal structure, with excellent air tightness and water tightness. Chooses high-grade accessories, beautiful modeling, flexible operation, safe and reliable, which is beneficial to the doors and windows of insulation effect.

Heat insulation aluminum decorative panel windows and doors advantages:
Reduce quantity of heat conduction: the heat insulation aluminum alloy profile, and the heat transfer coefficient is 1.8 ~ 3.5 W/m2 k. ? h greatly lower than normal aluminum alloy profile 140 ~ 170 W/m2 k. ? h; With hollow glass window structure, its heat transfer coefficient is 3.17 ~ 3.59 W/m2 k. ? h greatly lower than normal aluminum alloy profile 6.69 ~ 6.84 W/m2 k. ? h, reduce the heat conduction through doors and Windows.
To prevent condensation: heat insulation materials with article the inner surface of the temperature of close, reduce indoor water for supersaturated and condensation in the possibility of the material surface. Energy saving in winter, with heat insulation window frame can reduce the article through the window frame lost a third of the heat. In the summer, if is in air conditioning, the heat insulation of the window frame with article can reduce energy losses more.
Protect the environment: through the application of heat insulation system, can reduce the energy consumption and reduce the air conditioning and heating caused environmental radiation. Good health: the human body and the environment depends on the quantity of heat exchange indoor air temperature, air flow rate and outdoor air temperature. By adjusting the doors and Windows of indoor temperature, make its are not less than 12 to 13 ¡æ, has reached the most comfortable environment.
Reduce the noise: the different thickness of hollow glass structure and heat insulation round tube aluminum ceiling structure can effectively reduce acoustic resonance effect, prevent the transmission of voice, can reduce the noise 30 dB above. Color is rich and colorful: by anodic oxidation, powder coating surface treatment can produce RAL lubricious department after more than 200 different colors of the aluminum, the combination of rolling, the heat insulation aluminum alloy doors and Windows produce indoor and outdoor different colors of double lubricious window.

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