Discount jewelry display cases from Fumin store fixture factory
Oct 15, 2014-China-For your jewelry display cases, there are wide varieties of wood stain and aluminum finishes are available. The Jewelry store design could delivery different samples of wood veneers and other finishes to our customers for examination by couriers. If you wish to order a showcase with a custom laminate or aluminum finish, all we require is the name of the laminate company or the color sample for the aluminum.

You glass showcases can be made with pull-out drawers for easier placement of your jewelry or other items for presentation. The storage options available for your jewelry glass showcases are either sliding doors or hinged doors. Other options such as file drawers, lockable drawers, pencil drawers can also be designed and added to your showcases. All these options can be added based upon what you (the customer) requires!
Our mission is to design and manufacture your new display cases to a standard that is unmatched by other store fixture manufactures and we strive to make the remodeling of your store and smooth and efficient as possible.
If people want to get more information about our high quality jewelry displaying cases, please visit our official website.
Store Fixtures (China) is a directly factory, mainly supply Jewelry showcase, shop cabinet, display cabinet, boutique fixtures and Display case, we have best price and skilled worker to ensure. Hotline of us is+86-189-2886-1568.

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